Obstetrics Info

Obstetrics Info

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Thank you for choosing us for your pregnancy care. We look forward to working with you to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery for you and your baby.

We provide complete prenatal care using a team approach. Your provider will be following your care during your pregnancy and seeing you for most of your prenatal visits. Our group works closely together and there may be times when one of the other physicians or a certified nurse midwife will see you.

You are valued as a patient and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to be with you during the delivery of your baby. The chance to share in this special experience is one of the best aspects of our work. Since each of us cannot be available at all times, we rotate night and weekend call responsibility to provide two dedicated physicians for obstetric service every day and night. This allows us to provide consistent coverage for our laboring patients, and to allow appropriate rest for physicians between call responsibilities.

Follow the links at left to read or download informational booklets that we have written to provide up-to-date advice on common pregnancy problems and questions.  There is a link to downloadable pregnancy history forms to complete for your initial visit to our office.

We have also included a link to Patient Resource informational web pages from other sites that we trust.  If you have questions and need additional information you can reach our nurses Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm by calling our office at 816-350-1200.  After hours and on weekends an answering service will take your call and route your questions to one of our on-call providers.

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